Flight Training
Flight Training 

How to Choose a Flight School

Flight training can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The Edmonton Flying Club offers programs in all areas of flight training - from the Recreational Pilot Permit right through to the Instructor Rating.

If You want to be a pilot now's the time to learn!!

 The demand for airline pilots is picking up, maybe not from the large national airlines at present, but certainly from the no frills airlines. Who are expanding in terms of both their fleets and people needed to operate the aircraft.

 This is good news for pilots at all levels, because many of the jobs that are bound to be offered by these expanding airlines will go to pilots currently working in other areas of commercial aviation; flying freight, charters, parachute dropping, glider towing and other aerial work. And of course, to flying instructors who have the required ratings and hours.

 It is also good news for anyone contemplating being a career pilot because, by the time training is completed even more jobs will be available.

 We are asked questions like "If this is the right time to learn to fly?". Or "I'm in my mid-30's doing ok in my career but I've always wanted to be a pilot- am I too old and are there jobs out there?".

 There is no simple answer to any of these questions. The whole commercial aviation industry has always been one of the most volatile, cyclical of industries. Economists very often use it as a barometer as they do the recreation vehicle industry for domestic forecasts. Some industries move much more quickly to perceived economic change, and the airline industry is one of these.

 However, over the past three years. Even allowing for the devastating effects on airlines after 9/11. Every forecast that has been made by the industry, or by independent analysts looking at the industry, has come to one simple conclusion. World demand for air travel will grow over the next two decades. They put this growth at anything between 5% and 8% per annum.

 That translates to up to 30% more passenger miles being flown, and that translates to more aircraft and, by definition, more crews. This means that more pilots will have to be trained, which in turn is good news for the aviation training industry. Many flight training schools are now seeing more students signing on. Even though some weary willies would have you believe otherwise (but perhaps these are the boring "If you want to make a small fortune from teaching people to fly, start with a big one brigade").

Flight Training In Canada

 Canada offers unequalled opportunities to students from around the globe. It is one of the largest countries in the world, spanning more than 7,000 kilometres from Newfoundland in the east to British Columbia on the west coast. The sky is the limit, when it comes to flying to different destinations on your cross country trips, which you have to do as part of your license requirements.

 Here in Edmonton at the Edmonton Flight College you will have the opportunity to fly in all FOUR seasons mother nature provides. This will make you into a more rounded and confidant pilot than one who has ONLY experienced good sunshine weather.

 Our social values are built on a tradition of ethnic and cultural diversity, tolerance and understanding. Canada provides a welcoming environment to foreign students, with diverse cultural communities across the nation.

 From a cost-benefit perspective, flight training offers excellent value to foreign students. Aircraft rental rates are lower than in many western countries, and even other provinces within Canada. Alberta only charges GST (General Sales Tax) of 5% Total. There is no other provincial/state tax on top of that. Compare that to England where the equivalent GST tax is 17.5%

 Edmonton, Alberta is one of the cheapest places to live in the province of Alberta.

 The cost of living compares very, very favourably with other western nations (especially the United States). The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar also offers a very significant savings advantage to students.

 Canadian Pilots licenses are recognized by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) member countries, and are well regarded for the high standards required to obtain them. Conversion of Canadian licenses to those of other ICAO countries is usually very straightforward.

 All Foreign students require a student authorization (1294). You will require a letter of acceptance from a the Edmonton Flight College. Also a Canadian aviation medical certificate which can be obtained locally here in Edmonton.